ESCAPE pain celebration and networking event

11/03/2020 9:30 am

Event Details

The ESCAPE pain Celebration and Networking Event was held on 11 March 2020 at Newcastle Falcons, Kingston Park Stadium, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A regional celebration and networking event that was open to everyone who has been involved or is interested in ESCAPE pain in the North East and North Cumbria – an education and exercise intervention that supports people living with hip and knee osteoarthritis. The national programme is approaching a two-year milestone and the event was an opportunity to hear about the different models of delivery, the range of sites and experiences of the facilitators. This included sites in leisure centres, NHS physio departments, community venues led by smaller charitable organisations and council workplaces.


Presentations Overview



The full list of presentations can be viewed and downloaded below:



Welcome and Introduction

Vicki Strassheim

Clinical Lead


Keynote Speaker

Professor Edward Kunonga

Consultant in Public Health

Musculoskeletal Health and Care: Overview of Improvement Programmes

Liz Lingard

Delivery Partner (North)

NHS England and NHS Improvement

The Gateshead Council approach to health and wellbeing and ESCAPE Pain in the workplace

Louise Harlanderson

MECC Development Lead for Healthy Weight, Physical Activity & Nutrition, Public Health

Gateshead Council

ESCAPE Pain National Outcomes and Sport England Evaluation

Margaret Connolly

Senior Project Manager- Musculoskeletal Health Innovation Network


Helen Sheldon

ESCAPE Pain Evaluation Officer

Health Innovation Network

An update and overview of ESCAPE Pain sites in the North East and North Cumbria

Rachel Turnbull

Programme Lead – ESCAPE Pain


A multi model delivery approach via the Tyneside Integrated Musculoskeletal Service (TIMS)

Kathryn Moore, Lower Limb TIMS Team Leader


Karen Storey, Operational Lead


Dragana Hanzen, Associate Practitioner

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Newcastle/Gateshead model

The North Tees model – An NHS physiotherapy led approach to ESCAPE Pain

Jason Marsh & Scott Henderson

Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

The Cumbria model – A leisure led and NHS approach utilising Sport England funding

Lynn Almond

Regional Health Intervention Manager – North Greenwich Leisure Limited


Helen Jackson

Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

The South Tyneside model – A multi-collaborative approach between the CCG, NHS, third sector, public health and leisure


Dr John Tose

GP Clinical Director

NHS South Tyneside CCG


Steven Carter

Senior Public Health Advanced Practitioner

South Tyneside Council


Paul Tompkinson

Leisure Programme Officer

South Tyneside Council

The role of Versus Arthritis in Escape Pain and their work in helping to support people who live with arthritis


Sarah Clarke

Health Service Improvement Manager

Versus Arthritis

Beyond ESCAPE Pain: What happens next?


Vicki Strassheim


Greenwich Leisure Limited

Lynn Almond

Regional Health Intervention Manager – North, Greenwich Leisure Limited

Age Concern Tyneside South


Grahame Cassidy

Chief Officer, Age Concern Tyneside South

How Versus Arthritis can provide support in the region

Claire Boshier

Living Well with Arthritis, Services Coordinator North East Versus Arthritis

Learnings and reflections from roll out of ESCAPE Pain in the North West

Karen Oliver

ESCAPE Pain Project Lead

Innovation Agency

What happens next?

Vicki Strassheim

Clinical Lead



Dr Rachel Turnbull

Project Lead


Opioid Prescription Optimisation

Vicki Strassheim

Clinical Lead






Useful Links

Covid-19 Support – Download document


Edward Kunonga: Public Health Consultant

Public Health England: Musculoskeletal Health


NHS England Policy for long term musculoskeletal conditions:


Lifestyle Medicine Certificate:


Liz Lingard: Musculoskeletal Health and Care Overview of Improvement Programmes

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is an independent global health research center at the University of Washington.



Public Health England Return on Investment Tool:


Public Health England Fingertips tool:


Open Prescribing:


Links to opioid aware project which seeks to improve prescribing of opioid analgesia:


Evidence Based Interventions Dashboard –Back Injections:


High Impact Interventions

  • STarTBack tool -a stratified care approach that can be successfully embedded into normal primary care. It matches patients to treatments based on prognosis or risk of poor clinical outcome. (
  • Back Skills Training (BeST) -focuses on ‘undoing’ beliefs about low back pain, and provides skills to become more active, despite pain. The programme was developed by experts in psychology, physiotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and people with long-standing low back pain. (
  • Joint Pain Advice -model of care is a safe and cost effective alternative to GP consultations. Involving a series of face-to-face consultations, Advisors work collaboratively with people with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis and/or back pain, focusing on supporting self-management. (
  • ESCAPE Pain -rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain which integrates self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regimen individualised for each participant (
  • First Contact Physiotherapy Practitioners -First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs)are advanced practitioners working within primary care with extensive expertise in the clinical assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. FCPs see patients with(suspected or diagnosed) MSK conditionsas the first point of contact, instead of a GP,and can be accessed directly by contactingthe practice’s reception. (


Claire Boshier Versus Arthritis- Living well with Arthritis Service Co-ordinator for the North East.

Claire helps with supporting branches, groups and  peer support services as  well as developing services.

[email protected]


Versus Arthritis:

Free Helpline 0800 5200 520


Health Innovation Network (HIN)

National team email address:[email protected]