NHS Reset: Positive service shifts accelerated by COVID-19: lessons for leaders

08/09/2020 12:30 pm to 08/09/2020 2:00 pm

Event Details

What do leaders at local, regional and national level need to do to embed the positive changes that are emerging during COVID-19?

Get beneath the surface to explore how change happens in practice on 8 September by joining this interactive webinar hosted by the Health Foundation’s Q community, delivered in partnership with the NHS Confederation and the AHSN Network as part of the NHS Reset campaign.

Rapid innovation and learning have been at the heart of our immediate response to COVID-19. Leaders will need to pay attention to the conditions and ways of working that have enabled innovation to thrive, if we are to maintain and embed positive changes over the coming months.

Chaired by Niall Dickson, with Hugh McCaughey providing the national perspective from England, the webinar will bring together perspectives from the front line, leaders of local organisations and systems and The AHSN Network.

The webinar will get beneath the surface to explore what’s really needed to enable sustainable change. Starting with an overview of the significant changes happening during the pandemic, the rapid implementation of video consultations will provide an opportunity to dive deeper to understand what leaders need to do to keep momentum.

Who should attend?

The event will be of particular interest to those leading local organisations and systems, as well as anyone with a remit for improving care and building on the beneficial changes emerging during COVID-19 nationally, regionally or locally.

  • Executive and other senior leaders in local organisations and health systems, particularly in England
  • Local, regional and national leaders with a particular focus on service change, innovation and OD, or with a specific remit re beneficial changes work and / or video consultations.

What will I learn?

Attendees will gain pragmatic learning about:

  • what lies behind some of the major shifts in services that have happened during the pandemic
  • what leaders need to do to ensure rapid innovation leads to sustainable change, supported by staff and service users
  • how to use the high-profile example of video consultations to inform approaches to change, so that it inspires wider support for the service shifts needed.

Through a mix of presentations and interactive panel and polling sessions, attendees will leave with ideas and inspiration for enabling sustainable change within their services.

Places are limited for this free event. Book your place.

This webinar forms part of our NHS Reset campaign strand on best practice and innovation, delivered in partnership with the NHS Confederation and Health Foundation.