Digital Health blog

14th March 2022

At this year’s Digital Health Rewired conference which takes place in London next week – two of our regional programmes are showing how they are working collaboratively to improve how data is analysed to benefit our population.

Representatives from Axym and the Trusted Research and Evaluation Environment Programmes – or TREE as we refer to it are presenting on Tuesday 15 March in the AI and data workstream at the annual digital health conference.

I-Lin Hall, Head of Data and Digital Applications from NECS and Mark Walsh, Portfolio Manager from the AHSN NENC will be presenting how these two strategic programmes are coming together to improve how data is linked and analysed for the purposes of service improvement, new innovations and research.

Axym builds upon the existing ICS-wide data infrastructure and provides a robust environment for local areas and organisations to collaborate. It supports partnership working across health and care and organisations including universities, public and third sector. It aligns with national support offers and direction, minimising duplication and supporting local requirements.

TREE builds on Axym by providing a safe and secure environment for researchers and analysts to collaborate using common and linked datasets to evaluate healthcare challenges. The shared infrastructure that TREE brings means that it can be accessed by approved professionals from across the region to analyse linked data from multiple sources and apply complex analysis in a safe environment. Access to TREE will be strictly governed in line with regional, legal and ethical processes around the use of data.

Both programmes are enabling our region to take huge steps in terms of cross-sector collaborations and how we analyse, interpret and derive insights from the data collected. We will be able to link together data from across the system in ways we haven’t been able to before – which will help us as a region improve decision making and research capabilities based on evidence collected locally.

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