Supporting Economic Growth

HI NENC has, since its inception, focused on economic growth by mobilising the assets within the regions Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Universities to attract and grow business.

Economic growth can be driven by ideas and products that arise from within the NHS which have commercial potential, and also through the development of products and services from companies through access to NHS expertise and markets. To facilitate this process, HI NENC has developed and successfully implemented the Innovation Pathway. The Innovation Pathway provides bespoke support services, through a consistent and measurable process, to NHS organisations and industry.

The Office for Life Sciences has funded our 15 regional counterparts to coordinate ‘Innovation Exchanges’ so that innovative new diagnostic tools, treatments and medical technologies reach patients faster.

This enables HI NENC, and our Innovation Pathway delivery partners, to do the following:

  • Identify priorities and act as trusted brokers across sectors to bring together people and organisations
  • Provide the first port of call for information, for example, signposting commercial innovators and matching already proven solutions to challenges faced by local NHS organisations
  • Share best practice around health and care organisations, and deliver expert advice about the adoption of innovation
  • Identify opportunities for patients to take part in trials and pilots
  • Work with health and commercial partners to test out solutions
  • Collaborate as a national network of 15 to identify what is working best locally, and then scale it nationally.

The National Health Innovation Network

HI NENC (formerly AHSN NENC) has been appointed as the lead organisation for driving the national Economic Growth agenda, helping the network helps mobilise the value that the NHS can add as an economic asset to the UK economy.

If you wish to engage with the HI NENC Economic Growth Team, please complete the  Company Engagement Form and return to [email protected]

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