Health Network North

What is Health Network North?

Health Network North is a membership-based Network, which helps its members to gain insight, and increase engagement, within a rapidly growing and vibrant, yet sometimes difficult to navigate, healthcare economy in the region.


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Aim of the Network

The aim of the Network is to stimulate innovation and increase economic growth through the uptake of more products within the NHS, as well as the number of products co-created with the NHS, providing valuable support via themed events and brokering.

Who is the Network for?

The Network is for member organisations, SMEs, local authorities, the voluntary sector and charities, NHS Foundation Trusts, and other healthcare organisations.

The Network will offer:

  • Access to bespoke support services available under the Innovation Pathway;
    • Provide support with product development, diversification and commercialisation;
    • Provide support with intellectual property and market research;
    • Innovation evaluation and peer review;
    • Provide support for adoption and embedding of innovations.
  • Work closely with healthcare professionals to recognise unmet health needs and bring together the NHS and local industry to co-create innovative solutions to address unmet health needs.
  • Access to dedicated learning and networking events.
  • Networking opportunities and facilitate discussions between members to enable them to benefit from the experiences of others as well as encouraging collaborations for mutual benefit.
  • Regular updates on market developments and funding opportunities.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Network?

  • Access to dedicated events and workshops providing opportunities for networking and specialist training on topics such as procurement, intellectual property, and clinical trials.
  • Access to experts in innovation and commercialism.
  • Facilitating introductions to key NHS organisations and Industry partners.
  • Up to date information regarding the latest regional health sector news and funding opportunities

For more information contact: [email protected]

What is the cost of being a member of Health Network North?

Membership of Health Network North is free of charge to all companies and health and care staff.


“The health care system can be a notoriously difficult landscape to access for industry. Health Network North was created to help remove some of the barriers faced by the business community to enable an environment where the NHS and industry can co-create innovative solutions to unmet health needs.

“Since the inception of Health Network North, we have supported scores of SMEs on product development through to commercialisation.

We’ve also developed an extensive events programme which provides a platform for SMEs and NHS innovation leads across the North East and North Cumbria to share knowledge and explore collaboration opportunities.”

Dr Nicola Hutchinson, CEO, HI NENC




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