Art of the Possible

The last 70 Years of the NHS has provided an opportunity to review achievements, but more importantly to look ahead to the challenges ahead. The NHS will need to assess and adapt to ensure that it continues to innovate, part of the problem is that the NHS itself is often insular and likes to find its own solutions.

The Academic Health Science Network (AHSN NENC) are keen to provide NHS front line staff with an ability to understand what the ‘Art of the Possible’ is from other sectors; in particular industry and academic partners. To achieve this the AHSN will host a series of events to look at the latest enhancements in technology which can support the NHS to transform and evolve, but with the knowledge of what is possible; understand the limitation; but importantly broaden the horizons.

The events will allow staff to try out, see or get involved and have time to assess and co-develop and scope potential projects to allow for future interactions of what is possible. These proof of concept developments will be used to re-engage with front line staff to look at the next wave of enhancements, but importantly to showcase what is possible.