Digital Health

The power of information and technology is being used to transform the NHS and social care.

HI NENC is working with partners across a range of disciplines and geographies to improve services and transform the way people manage their own health and care.

Together with our partners, we are:

  • Joining up health and social care, linking up providers, providing a safer and seamless experience for health professionals and the public through our work on Well Connected Care Homes. Providing support for care workers, improving access to information and the ease with which they can collaborate with colleagues through our work on the Sunderland Digital NEWS Tablet.
  • Connecting health and social care systems, improving the secure flow of information, informing research and giving patients real choice and information on their options for data sharing through the Great North Care Record.
  • Enabling professionals in the region to implement digital care at scale. Health Call supports NHS organisations to design, develop and implement digital health services at speed.
  • Empowering the public to make informed choices about how they use services and manage their health and care through our work Optimising Pathways for Anticoagulation for Atrial Fibrillation in Newcastle.
  • Using approved technology to re-engineer care pathways, for example, delivering the North East roll out of AliveCor, a mobile pulse checking device which assesses heart rate and rhythm to identify abnormalities.
  • Championing innovation across healthcare, delivering pioneering research into the feasibility of patients self-testing their kidney function at home.

For more information about the HI NENC Digital Health Programme, contact [email protected]