Who We Work With

Building and maintaining strong relationships and partnerships with our members is fundamental to the HI NENC’s success. Member organisations and stakeholders are made up of NHS, academia and industry partners in the North East and North Cumbria.

By maintaining healthy relationships, and working collaboratively, with members and practitioners, the Network continually shares knowledge and translates ideas into practice. We benefit from harnessing the expertise and experience of clinical staff, for example, to act as change agents to adopt and diffuse new practice across organisations and support the research community to develop knowledge.

To deliver against our broad remit, the Network works in close collaboration with the Health Innovation Network as well as with other national organisations, such as NIHR Clinical Research Network. Other partnerships are developed where appropriate, for example, with the third sector and with industry.

Our Member Organisations are key to everything we do. They give us the expertise to know what innovations are right for patients, the skills to evaluate them and access to the care systems needed for adoption.

“The whole ethos of the HI NENC is to work in support of the Health and Care organisations of our region. They are already highly innovative and delivering care of the highest quality. On any given challenge, the expert practitioners within those organisations will know what the right thing to do is and we will support them in achieving their goals of delivering better, more efficient care.”

Chief Executive Officer