Improvement Toolkit

The Improvement Toolkit is for staff who work in healthcare, leading teams/directorates/departments involved in culture and/or quality improvement work.

Improvement Toolkit

This toolkit was updated in 2023.

It is split into two main sections:

Culture: This section aims to share with you practical ways you can evaluate the culture in your team and the steps you can take to make and sustain improvements

Quality Improvement: This section provides you with an approach to help you improve quality, measure its success, and ensure improvements are sustained

Both sections are supported by an additional section which shares some useful quality improvement tools and techniques which you may wish to use when looking at culture and/or quality improvement work.

The following documents are referenced in the toolkit:

Culture Survey Write up Template

Once you have shared the culture survey results and received feedback through debriefing, you may wish to use this template to help write up your findings.


Patient Safety Culture Snapshot Survey

The AHSN has developed this very short 10 question patient safety survey which will provide you with a high level insight into your team culture.


QI Diagnostic

This QI Diagnostic has been specifically designed for use with the Improvement Toolkit. It provides you and your team with the opportunity to understand your knowledge of the QI tools and techniques used within the Toolkit.


Team Values Workshop

This is a guide to running a Team Values Workshop, where you can create shared values with members of your team.