Behavioural Insights to understand participation with cardiovascular risk reduction – learning from Middlesbrough InHIP project

22/05/2024 1:00 pm to 22/05/2024 2:00 pm

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HI NENC in partnership with NIHR ARC NENC invite you to a joint webinar on 22nd May 2024. The purpose of this webinar is to build upon the first event in June 2023 and to provide updates of the NENC national Innovation for Healthcare Inequalities Project (INHIP) which has been delivered in Middlesbrough. The webinar will provide a reminder of the key principles of behavioural insights, why they are important and how understanding them can improve the care we provide. Working with communities in Middlesbrough, behavioural insights have helped us understand some of the challenges faced accessing cardiovascular risk assessments. We have co-designed solutions to these challenges and have been piloting delivery of these in community settings in collaboration with outreach teams including the Middlesbrough FC Foundation Health Bus.

In the webinar we will hear how a behavioural insights approach has informed every stage of the project and underpinned relationships with the communities in Middlesbrough. Community leaders will tell us how this approach is beginning to meet the needs of local people and we will begin to explore next steps.

Watch the June 2023 event here