Digital Diabetes – Evaluation of Structured Education

09/08/2019 10:00 am @ The Durham Centre

Event Details

  • Stephen Lynn
  • [email protected]
  • The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate,, Durham DH1 1TN

Friday 9th August, 10am to 4pm

The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate, Durham DH1 1TN

County Durham and Darlington (covering a 3 CCG footprint) has identified a local priority to improve the uptake of structured education for people with Type 2 diabetes. To improve uptake further and capture patients who work or prefer online resources, an amount of funding has been designated to support a pilot of a digital structured education option, with ongoing funding to procure a long-term solution.

To evaluate the current digital solutions on offer a closed Dragon’s Den will be held to allow an effective evaluation of the various offers. These closed pitching sessions will allow potential providers to cover the key criteria identified by the locality in a confidential environment.

Aims and Objectives

To evaluate and procure a digital solution to provide structured education and management of people living with Type 2 diabetes across the County Durham and Darlington region. All invited providers will have an opportunity to demonstrate their solutions. All providers should address the following evaluation criteria that will be used on the day.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Financial
    1. What is the cost per patient and/or per licence?
    2. Are there any other additional costs, such as setup fee, etc?
  2. Outcomes
    1. What is your recruitment and retention rates based on previous studies?
    2. What are your drop-off rates and how do you support engagement with patients, carers, and HCPs?
    3. How is self-management sustained?
  3. Training, marketing and support
    1. What resources and support do you provide for patients and HCPs?
  4. Content and personalisation
    1. How do you coach and set goals for users? Do you use incentives/rewards?
    2. What support do you provide for the different phases of the diabetes journey?
    3. How do you ensure the quality of the content you provide?
    4. How is your content updated, and how often?
    5. Is your solution customisable to ensure fit with local provisions?
  5. Access
    1. Are family members and carers able to access your solution?
    2. Do you support multiple languages? If so, can you list them?
    3. Do you support differences in reading age and level of information required (health literacy)?
    4. Is your solution accessible for people with a visual/hearing impairment?
    5. What is the duration of access to your solution?
  6. Technology/interface
    1. How does your solution link with other apps and wearable technology?
    2. How are patients referred? Can this be via the GP, opticians, pharmacists, or DIET Structured Education hub?
    3. Can we capture data when patients take up and activate a licence?
    4. Can we link this back to the clinical record?
  7. Evidence
    1. Is your solution on the NHS Digital Apps Library?
    2. Please describe your evidence base for the app and QISMET accreditation
    3. Please describe your cost model/health economics data

Invited Providers

  • Ascencia Low Carb Program
  • Changing Health
  • Liva Healthcare
  • Map My Diabetes
  • My Diabetes My Way
  • My mhealth
  • OurPath
  • Oviva
  • XPERT Diabetes

Evaluation Panel

To include members of the DIET Structured Education hub, expert patients, GP, Practice nurse, Diabetes Specialists, AHSN


Agenda for Provider Presentations

Introduction to the Evaluation Panel (5 minutes)

Provider presentation and demonstration of the solution (15 minutes)

Q&A with the Evaluation Panel (20 minutes)


Following the evaluation event, all providers will be contacted with the outcome within 7 days.


Next Steps

Please send expressions of interest to attend to Stephen Lynn: [email protected]

Please click on the button below to complete an online proforma by Wednesday 24th July

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The agenda will be finalised and provider session times finalised w/c 29th July