Polypharmacy Community of Practice: Reducing Harm from Drugs with an Unwanted Hypotensive Effect

11/07/2023 1:00 pm to 11/07/2023 2:00 pm

Event Details

The July Polypharmacy Community of Practice meeting looks to focus on the topic of drugs that give an unwanted hypotensive effect and how we can reduce harm to patients that may be affected by this. Dr Ewan Tevendale, Consultant in Geriatric Medicine and movement disorders & GiM, County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust will share his experiences managing these patients in practice.

AHSN NENC is supporting the delivery of a National Polypharmacy Programme in partnership with the NENC Integrated Care System (ICS).


For further information about the Community of Practice please email [email protected]

Event Agenda:

Welcome and Overview Introduction to today’s session: Helen Seymour

Polypharmacy Comparators Using the BSA polypharmacy comparators dashboard to identify patients who are more likely to be exposed to the risks that can be associated with taking large numbers of medicines or certain combinations of medicines: Helen Seymour

Drugs with an unwanted hypotensive effect Their use and effects in practice: Dr Ewan Tevendale, Consultant in Geriatric Medicine and movement disorders & GiM

Question and Answer Session Opportunity for group to ask the speaker: All

Poll and feedback from the group: Emily Whales

What key message(s) have you taken from today’s session?What will you go away and put into practice as a result of attending this session?

AOB and Close Helen Seymour

Date and Time Next meeting:TBC – 19 September 12.30 – 1.30pm

Please note that the event will be recorded and shared.