Divya Dinraj

Project Manager - Mental Health Programs

Mental Health, Trauma Informed Care, Patient Safety

Divya joined the AHSN NENC in 2020 whilst getting her MSc. in Clinical Psychology at Newcastle University. Before coming to the UK, Divya worked as a STEM Programme Co-ordinator at Bard College, New York. She also has a BSc. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and BAs in Neuroscience and Psychology.  Divya has worked as a research intern for in-patient facilities, hospitals, and various academic departments and is passionate about improving access and quality of mental health resources, and destigmatising mental health disorders cross-culturally. She would describe herself as a ‘third culture kid’, who thoroughly enjoys travelling (when she can), and experiencing different cuisines. Divya is also an avid kick-boxer and is partial to binge-watching murder-mystery shows!

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