Victoria Christie

Intellectual Property and Contracts Manager

Patent Applications, IP, Contracts

After attaining an MPhil in Applied Physics, Victoria spent a number of years working as a patent attorney in the North West, London and the North East.  Primary responsibilities included drafting patent applications for the UK and abroad, and prosecuting patent applications before the UK and European Patent Offices.

Victoria then moved to RTC North Limited, where she spent around ten years working as an Intellectual Property Manager for NHS Innovations North, having responsibility for the management of patent applications belonging to NHS Trusts and SMEs in the region.

2016 saw her move to the AHSN NENC as an Intellectual Property and Contracts Manager, where her role focusses upon the provision of intellectual property assistance to Member Organisations, and the management of legal contracts.

Victoria has extensive experience in the identification and protection of intellectual property and advising clients on the patenting process.

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