Cardiovascular medicines in multi-morbidity and disease progression

27/02/2024 1:00 pm to 27/02/2024 2:00 pm

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Lipid medication in disease progression


Join us for the second in a series of three webinars led by Dr Rani Khatib and Helena Gregory , as they discuss cardiovascular medicines in multi-morbidity and disease progression.

As people age and their health fails, their needs around cardiovascular medicines can shift from primary prevention towards secondary prevention and symptom control. Multi-morbidities including cardio-renal-metabolic connections may also be at play, which require more nuanced discussions. Their needs to help them to take their medicines are also shifting, including changes to dexterity, cognitive function, vision and hearing. Join this webinar to learn how to put personalised care into action in your consultations to support people on this journey.

This webinar will cover:

  • Changing priorities for individuals
  • Multi-morbidities to consider
  • Navigating interactions, cautions and contra-indications
  • Reasonable adjustments to support adherence


Meet our speakers


Helena Gregory

North Cumbria Pharmacy and Medicines Lead

Dr Rani Khatib

Senior Clinical CVD Consultant – YHAHSN

Consultant Pharmacist in Cardiology & Cardiovascular Research – LTHT

Associate Professor at Leeds Institute for Cardiovascular And Metabolic Medicine – UoL

National Clinical Champion for Lipid Optimisation – NHSE

Heart Failure Guidelines & Quality Standards Committee – NICE

Cardiology Task Force for Allied Professionals – ESC

Chair of National Cardiology Group – UKCPA


Chair: Dr Jane Skinner

Strategic Advisor for CVD, Health Innovation North East North Cumbria

During the session

We will keep participants muted whilst we are presenting. This avoids distracting our speakers and reduces sensory stimulation which is important for some people. However, if you wish to ask a question you can do this by adding it to the chatbox.

Please feel free to turn your camera on and off as you need to. If you need it off the whole time, that is totally fine.

If you need a break at any time during the session, then please leave the meeting and re-join again when you feel ready.


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