AHSN NENC Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention Programme Launch Event

04/11/2020 3:00 pm to 04/11/2020 5:30 pm

Event Details

The launch of the AHSN NENC Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme was held on Wednesday 4 November 2020, 15:00-17:30 on Zoom.

A recording of the event is available below:

Presentations available to download below:


Event Presentations

National CVD Overview – Tim Butler

Primary Care Perspective – Guy Pilkington

Atrial Fibrillation – Kate Mackay

Enhancing Access to Innovative Treatments – Maria Roche

Familial Hypercholesteraemia Pilot Study Results – Pete Carey

National AAC-AHSN Lipid Management – Joe Chidanyika

Optimising Lipids & FH – Julia Newton


Workshop Presentations

Statin Intolerance

CDRC Precision

Challenges in the COVID-19 era in Primary Care

Diagnosing Dyslipidaemia




Download a certificate of attendance

CVD Programme Launch Certificate of Attendance


Welcome & Introduction

Dr Jane Skinner, CVD Clinical Education Lead and Chair CVD Programme Strategy Group AHSN NENC


National CVD Overview

CVD Prevention and the Long-Term Plan, alignment to ICS priorities, inequalities, and the COVID-19 era

Dr Tim Butler, Assistant Medical Director, NHS England, GP and Co-Chair, CVD Prevention Network


National Optimising Lipids & Familial Hypercholesteraemia (FH) Programme

Dr Joe Chidanyika, National Programme Manager, AHSN NENC


AHSN NENC: Optimising Lipids & FH

Regional perspective and delivery over the next 3 years

Prof Julia Newton, Medical Director, AHSN NENC


Enhancing Access to Innovative Treatments

Introduction to Accelerated Access Collaborative

Maria Roche, Interim CEO & National Lead, AHSN NENC


Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

Data, detection including Train the Trainer Campaign and anticoagulation

Kate Mackay, CVD Programme Lead, AHSN NENC


Familial Hypercholesteraemia (FH): Pilot Study Results

Dr Pete Carey, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, Chair, Lipid Specialist Advisory Group


Primary Care Perspective: CVD risk and holistic approaches

Dr Guy Pilkington, GP and Chair, NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG


Summary of themes & questions

Dr Jane Skinner, CVD Clinical Education Lead and Chair CVD Programme Group, AHSN NENC


Comfort Break


Breakout Sessions
Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative Precision (CDRC Precision)

CDRC Precision is proud to be supporting the CVD Prevention Programme in NENC. Briefly find out the who, what and why of CDRC Precision, how the resources can help your organisation to implement the programme (including lipid management, FH and PCSK9i case-finding), how to access them (S1 and EMIS), training/support materials available, and then a Q&A session. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr Tom Zamoyski, GP Clinical Lead, Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative, GP Clinical Lead, AHSN NENC, GP Partner, Throckley Primary Care Centre

Jody Nichols, Health Programme Lead, AHSN NENC, National Implementation and Evaluation Lead, Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative


Challenges in the COVID-19 era in primary care

Looking at your challenges, working in primary care, and discussing potential solutions, in relation to CVD. Please consider what these might be and come prepared to participate.

Kate Mackay, CVD Programme Lead, AHSN NENC

Nikki Holdsworth, Project Lead, AHSN NENC

Dr Jane Skinner, CVD Clinical Education Lead and Chair CVD Programme Group, AHSN NENC


Lipids Workshop: diagnosis

Review of case histories to illustrate challenges and learning points when faced with a patient with dyslipidaemia and a personal and/or family history of CVD.

Dr Pete Carey, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, Chair, Lipid Specialist Advisory Group


Lipids Workshop: treatment

What to do when a person at high CVD risk reports potential intolerance to recommended high intensity statin treatment. The workshop will cover:

  • Definition of Statin Intolerance, statin associated muscle symptoms (SAMS) and statin related muscle toxicity (SRM)
  • Risk factors for SRM and statin intolerance
  • Classification of SRM
  • Person-centred approach to address statin intolerance
  • Statin-based approaches to manage muscle symptoms
  • Non-muscle related statin side effects and non-statin related muscle symptoms (non-SRM)
  • LDL-C lowering options for patients with genuine statin intolerance

Dr Dermot Neely, Consultant of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Feedback and Next Steps…

Dr Jane Skinner, CVD Clinical Education Lead and Chair CVD Programme Strategy Group AHSN NENC




Dr Jane Skinner

CVD Clinical Education Lead and

Chair CVD Programme Strategy Group


Dr Jane Skinner graduated in medicine from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. She trained as a cardiologist and before that also completed training in general practice. She has a MD examining the outcome of patients 5 years after CABG.  She worked as a consultant cardiologist at Bishop Auckland General Hospital, before moving to take up a new post as a consultant cardiologist with a particular responsibility for community cardiology at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne. In that role she worked with primary care to support and implement evidence-based practice, and to enhance and develop services.  Specific areas of interest included prevention of cardiovascular disease, cardiac rehabilitation, coronary disease and heart failure. She had a keen interest in the development and implementation of effective guidelines, including working on NICE guidelines as well as leading development of a number of local guidelines. More recently, since retiring and leaving Newcastle Hospitals, she has worked with colleagues to implement the AHSN-NENC AF programme and now the CVD programme, and currently chairs the CVD programme strategy group.


Dr Tim Butler

Assistant Medical Director, NHS England

GP and Co-Chair CVD Prevention Network

Dr Tim Butler is a GP in Stanley, County Durham, and Assistant Medical Director for NHS England & NHS Improvement for the North East and Yorkshire. Tim originally graduated in Mathematics and Philosophy from Dublin and late a lecturer in medical statistics at Newcastle University where he the studied medicine.  His academic interests were particularly in disease modelling, public health nutrition and diabetes all underlying aspects of CVD. He remains an honorary clinical lecturer at Newcastle.

I am delighted to welcome you to the launch of the AHSN’s CVD Prevention program. Here in the North East we have a fantastic team developing this work which has been recognised both locally and nationally with awards.  As we live through this tumultuous time, Covid19 has highlighted the inequalities in our society and particularly, within health care. CVD has the sharpest inequality gradients and CVD prevention is key to addressing this, improving health, transforming care, and closing the inequality gap.


Dr Joe Chidanyika

National Programme Manager, AHSN NENC

Joe ChidanyikaJoe joins the AHSN NENC team as the national AAC / AHSN Lipid Management and FH Programme Manager, an important area of work, both regionally and nationally.

Joe will work with Professor Julia Newton and Maria Roche to deliver the national AAC / AHSN Lipid Management/FH programme, which also merges the previous independently delivered programme of work to support the Rapid Uptake Product (RUP) PCSK9i, which the AHSN NENC also lead on nationally.

Joe has a clinical background as a RGN by profession, with specialist cardiothoracic experience. In his career to date, he has worked in several organisations including Primary Care Trusts in Teesside, and in local government within Middlesbrough Council’s Public Health directorate, as the clinical lead. His responsibilities included commissioning and service improvement for local authority mandated services – sexual health and the CVD NHS Health Check programme. He also previously sat on the English HIV and Sexual Health Executive Board for three years, representing North East and North Cumbria stakeholders and commissioners.

He joined the AHSN NENC on secondment coming from Public Health England, where he was the regional CVD Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager.


Prof Julia Newton

Medical Director, AHSN NENC

Julia NewtonIn 2017 Julia filled the large shoes of Professor Oliver James who previously occupied this position in the AHSN NENC. Julia graduated from Newcastle University Medical School in 1990. Since then she has worked in a range of roles in the North East of England. She became a Consultant Physician with an interest in Geriatric Medicine in 2000 and Professor of Ageing and Medicine at Newcastle University in 2008.

She was Dean of Clinical Medicine in the Faculty of Medical Sciences until 2015 and more recently Director of Newcastle Academic Health Partners.

She has a PhD in physiological sciences from Newcastle University and her research focusses upon understanding the causes of fatigue in chronic diseases.


Maria Roche

Interim CEO & National Lead, AHSN NENC

Maria is a clinical pharmacist and prescriber by training and has subsequently held a range of senior executive roles, regionally, nationally and internationally, spanning medical and regulatory affairs, quality management, strategic marketing, operations and general management. In her career to date she has worked for several organisations including Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UDG Healthcare, Abbott, and the Mater Private Healthcare Group. In May 2019 Maria joined the AHSN NENC as a Programme Director, and became designated National Programme Lead for PCSK9 inhibitors, one of NHSE/NHSI’s Accelerated Access Collaborative’s (AAC) rapid uptake products (RUP). In March 2020 she became interim Chief Executive of the AHSN and will continue to co-lead the national AHSN/AAC lipid management and FH programme.


Kate Mackay

CVD Programme Lead, AHSN NENC

Kate joined the NHS is 1991 as a Research Officer with North Derbyshire Health Authority where she conducted health research projects and specialised in involving patients in health care. She then moved into the field of clinical audit, managing the Medical Audit Advisory Group in Doncaster, before taking up a national role with the Modernisation Agency as part of the CHD Collaborative. Continuing with her passion for improvement work and managing change, she then transferred to West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority in 2002 as a Service Improvement Manager, and took up a role as a guest lecturer in the Faculty of Health Studies at the University of Bradford where she continues teaching clinicians.

Kate has spent all her NHS career in the field of research, clinical audit and improvement, working across organisational boundaries as well as geographical ones, giving her an appreciation of challenges and solutions. She has worked with clinicians and managers including junior members of staff to senior management and has also worked with local authorities and third sector providers. Latterly, she has worked for NHS Diabetes and NHS England, particularly within the arena of diabetes footcare. Her particular interests include transformational change, stakeholder engagement, project management, coaching and patient involvement.

She is currently the CVD Programme Lead for the AHSN NENC working alongside colleagues to improve care for patients with CVD.


Dr Pete Carey

Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

Chair, Lipid Specialist Advisory Group

Dr Carey has been a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust since 2007.  His areas of interest include Lipids, Cardiovascular Risk, Type 1 diabetes and Retinopathy.  He is also the Chair of the Regional Lipid Specialist Advisory Group.

Peter was also the Chair of the AHSN NENC FH primary care pilot project steering group.


Dr Guy Pilkington

GP and Chair, NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG

Dr Guy Pilkington has been an inner city GP for 30 years and was previously Clinical Chair of NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group.

His latest role as Prevention Lead for the CCG and Chair of the Prevention Board for the North East and North Cumbria ICS allows him to champion the need for the NHS to dedicate more planning, energy and resource on measures that reduce the burden of disease and create health.

His clinical interests include mental health, the ‘social model’ and social prescribing. He believes strongly in the value of co-production and community involvement.




Dr Tom Zamoyski

GP Clinical Lead, Clinical Digital Resource CollaborativeGP Clinical Lead, AHSN NENC

GP Partner, Throckley Primary Care Centre

Dr Zamoyski has an interest in medical student education, IT/process improvement and delivers a regular care home round in Throckley as part of the care homes project.








Jody Nichols

Health Programme Lead, AHSN NENC

National Implementation and Evaluation Lead, Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative

Jody is National Implementation and Evaluation Lead for Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative.

Jody works for the AHSN NENC and leads on and develops national innovation programmes into the NHS, with a focus on Primary Care and Medicine Optimisation.

Within her career Jody has worked for a number of organisations from the NHS, private sectors, third sector and academia but always within the field of health improvement.

Jody has worked as a researcher and senior commissioner within primary care for NECS (North of England Commissioning Support) whilst studying for her research degree, although some more of her substantive roles consist of senior commissioner within Public Health and Academic at the University of Sunderland. Her passion for research came about through her commitment to deprived communities and the need for patient engagement in service development, which led to her embarking on a research degree entitled ‘Too Busy to be Skinny’: An Explorative Grounded Theory Study of Mothers’ Beliefs of Factors Influencing Obesity in Deprived Areas of the North East of England. Alongside her research degree (MPhil) Jody has an undergraduate degree in healthcare, a post graduate teaching certificate and masters’ in public health.


Nikki Holdsworth

Project Lead, AHSN NENC

As part of the AF Programme at the AHSN NENC, Nikki leads on the AliveCor Opportunistic Pulse Checking project which is the ‘detection’ part of the AF Pathway.

Nikki also works alongside the Digital Health Programme Lead on the Newcastle AF Pathway Project.  Along with primary and secondary care staff within NuTH Trust, the project includes implementation of a genetic Warfarin Sensitivity Test, as well as raising awareness of, recruiting and training of current Warfarin Service patients to enable them to self-test their INR’s at home.

Following a degree in Hospitality Business Management and several years working nationally in the industry, Nikki moved on to work for American Express and was involved in the creation of an innovative new team of Business Travel Consultants dedicated to outstanding service delivery for a high-end London based client.  Several roles and 8 years later, Nikki decided on a complete change of direction and trained to be a midwife!

After qualifying with an honours degree in Midwifery Studies, Nikki spent several years practicing as a midwife in both community settings and 4 local maternity units across 3 North Eastern Trusts.  Due to a change in personal circumstances, she then worked for Tommee Tippee as their Health Professional Liaison Manager (or Midwife!).  This varied role included establishing, implementing and operating a Health Professional Education programme and representing the company at national events and conferences including the RCM, RCN, Nursing in Practice and CPHVA and latterly became involved in the co-ordination of midwifery student education.


Dr Dermot Neely

Consultant of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Dermot Neely

Dr Dermot Neely is former Head of the Lipid Clinic, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle and Director of Supra-Regional Assay Services for Lipids and Cardiovascular Biomarkers in the Integrated Laboratory Medicine Directorate, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He was an expert adviser on the NICE Lipid Modification Guidelines in 2008 (CG67) and member of the Guideline Development Group for the CG181 guideline in 2012-14.

Now retired from clinical practice, he is currently Specialist Adviser on Lipids to the Academic Health Sciences Network for North East and North Cumbria, a member of the AAC Rapid Uptake Products Working Group on PCSK9 inhibitors and sits on the NHSE Specialist Advisory Group on Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. Dr Neely is a founder Trustee of HEART UK and co-chair of the HEART UK Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Intelligence Network (FHIN).