Meet the Team

The HI NENC team is made up of an Executive, a Core Team who provide central support, and Programme Managers who lead on our Health Improvement and Patient Safety Programmes.

Find out more about the members of our team below.

Dr Joe Chidanyika

National AAC/AHSN Lipid and FH Programme Manager  

Talk to me about... CVD, Lipid Optimisation and FH
Email: [email protected]

Joe joined the AHSN NENC team in 2020 as the national AAC / AHSN Lipid Management and FH Programme Manager, a key national AHSN programme. He works alongside Professor Julia Newton to deliver this national programme, which merges novel therapies…

Victoria Christie

Intellectual Property and Contracts Manager 

Talk to me about... Patent Applications, IP, Contracts
Email: [email protected]

After attaining an MPhil in Applied Physics, Victoria spent a number of years working as a patent attorney in the North West, London and the North East.  Primary responsibilities included drafting patent applications for the UK and abroad, and prosecuting…

Sean Collins

Graphic Designer 

Talk to me about... Design, infographics, illustration
Email: [email protected]

After 20 years working on regional newspapers Sean was set free to embark on a freelance illustration and design adventure, during this time he created work for a range of clients including GAP, Hasbro and Dorling Kindersley. Then the pandemic…

Phil Cramman

Management Accountant 

Talk to me about... Costings, Finance Reporting, External Projects
Email: [email protected]

I Joined the AHSN in the June of 2019 having previously spent 5 years in the private sector gaining key transactional knowledge and broadening my finance skills. I have played parts in implementing new systems both financial and operational to…

Petar Delov

Assistant Contracts Manager 

Talk to me about... Contracts, Intellectual property
Email: [email protected]

Petar completed his undergraduate law degree in London. He then moved to the North East to continue his studies. During the majority of his time at university, he worked pro bono, providing legal advice to people who could not afford…

Divya Dinraj

Project Manager - Mental Health Programs 

Talk to me about... Mental Health, Trauma Informed Care, Patient Safety
Email: [email protected]

Divya joined the AHSN NENC in 2020 whilst getting her MSc. in Clinical Psychology at Newcastle University. Before coming to the UK, Divya worked as a STEM Programme Co-ordinator at Bard College, New York. She also has a BSc. in…

Abbie Dowse

Marketing and Communications Officer 

Talk to me about... Content Writing, Email Marketing and MailChimp
Email: [email protected]

Abbie completed a degree in Journalism and English Literature at Northumbria University in 2016 and has a background in digital marketing. Outside of work, Abbie can be found with her head in a book or on the beach with her…

Christine Eastman

Project Support Officer 

Talk to me about... Project Support for the CVD and CDRC programmes.
Email: [email protected]

I recently joined HI NENC as a Project Support in the Health Improvement Team providing professional support to the Programme Lead on both the CVD programme and the CDRC programme.  I have 30 years’ experience working in the legal industry…

Joanne Famelton

HR Manager 

Talk to me about... Everything HR
Email: [email protected]

Joanne is responsible for HR at the AHSN NENC on a day-to-day basis. Since gaining an MA in Human Resource Management and Development at Northumbria University she has worked in HR generalist roles across the North East in various sectors,…

Rachael Forbister

Digital Transformation Programme Manager 

Talk to me about... Regulation, telehealth, assistive technology, digital primary care
Email: [email protected]

Rachael has over 15 years of experience in the public sector including a number of years leading digital change in the NHS.  She has a great deal of experience around telehealth, assistive technology, digital in primary care and the human…

Hannah Gibson

Project Manager 

Talk to me about... Sustainability, NetZero and Decarbonisation
Email: [email protected]

Hannah has been working at the AHSN NENC since August 2022 as a Sustainability Project Manager. Hannah has completed a masters degree in Intelligence and Data Analytics at Teesside University. After working in Private Sector Clinical Research as a Patient…

Dr Sean Gill

Programme Manager 

Talk to me about... Selling into the NHS, Conducting an Evaluation, Environmental Sustainability
Email: [email protected]

Dr Sean Gill

Dr Sean Gill is a Programme Manager in the Innovation and Economic Growth team where he supports innovators in the NHS and industry. He manages a portfolio of programmes and innovations, and supports innovators to successfully move along the AHSN’s…

Christopher Gray

CKD & HF programme lead 

Talk to me about... Improving patient outcomes in heart failure and chronic kidney disease
Email: [email protected]

Chris is a healthcare manager with nearly 20 years experience working in healthcare consulting, data analytics, pharmaceuticals and process improvement. Familiar in managing system level improvements in Cardiovascular pathways, Chris can help you to identify improvement opportunity that are achievable…

Dr Becky Hanna

Programme Manager (NHS Innovations) 

Talk to me about... NHS Trust Innovations, Commercialisation of Ideas, Innovation Forum events
Email: [email protected]

Becky would describe innovation as creative problem-solving. At the AHSN NENC, she supports NHS Trusts across north-east England to capture innovative ideas from their staff and turn them into novel products and services for the healthcare sector. This is done…

Nick Harrison


Talk to me about... Market Research and Information
Email: [email protected]

Nick specialises in market research, patent and product research, statistics and statistical analysis, literature reviews and other information services, to inform individuals and organisations and help them bring their innovative products and services to life. Nick joined the AHSN in…