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Digital Inclusion Forum

11/07/2023 1:30 pm to 11/07/2023 3:00 pm

The AHSN NENC has been supporting the efforts to create a regional digital inclusion forum. Our next forum brings together the existing and future members to identify best practices.

Polypharmacy Community of Practice: Reducing Harm from Drugs with an Unwanted Hypotensive Effect

11/07/2023 1:00 pm to 11/07/2023 2:00 pm

The Polypharmacy Community of Practice is holding its next meeting on 11 July.

Capacity and Access Planning Masterclass

11/07/2023 12:30 pm to 11/07/2023 1:30 pm

To understand the different ways to manage demand and improve patient experience of access in practice using a range of clinicians, additional roles and external organisations.

Health inequality and air pollution – are we joining the dots?

10/07/2023 3:30 pm to 10/07/2023 5:00 pm

Join us for this virtual workshop to discuss strategies for adopting the ICS Clean Air Framework to improve health outcomes.

The AHSN Polypharmacy Programme: Getting the balance right

06/07/2023 12:00 pm to 06/07/2023 1:30 pm

Learn how polypharmacy prescribing comparators help us understand variation in prescribing of multiple medication and identify more patients.

Key principles when gathering Behavioural Insights

29/06/2023 11:00 am to 29/06/2023 12:00 pm

Describing the key principles of behavioural insights, why they are important and how understanding them can improve the care we provide.

AHSN NENC Digital Champions Masterclass – Social Media Part 1

28/06/2023 1:00 pm to 28/06/2023 2:00 pm

Part one of a series of three workshops around social media. This session will cover the basics of getting up and running with social media in practice.

NHIP Academy Know Your Funder event series

28/06/2023 12:00 pm to 28/06/2023 2:00 pm

Our June Know Your Funder event will be hosted by Professor Ashley Adamson, Professor of Public Health Nutrition, Newcastle University.

BioFocus 2023

28/06/2023 9:00 am to 28/06/2023 5:00 pm

BioFocus is a one-day conference, bringing together industry, academia, and experts within the field of life sciences.

Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Network Event

21/06/2023 9:30 am to 21/06/2023 12:30 pm

Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Network Event

The next NENC event for Phase 2 of the MatNeoSIP will be held on 21 June 2023.

Making Every Contact Count: How do you reach 3 million people?

21/06/2023 9:00 am to 21/06/2023 4:30 pm

An opportunity to learn more about Making Every Contact Count (MECC). Presentations and interactive workshops will give you the knowledge and skills to implement, deliver and embed MECC in your area.

NHIP: Our Journey So Far

20/06/2023 10:00 am to 20/06/2023 10:30 am

Newcastle Health Innovation Partners (NHIP) is pleased to announce the return of its popular Lightning Talk series.

NHS ConfedEXPO 2023

14/06/2023 9:00 am to 15/06/2023 5:00 pm

NHS ConfedExpo will return in 2023. This event will run for 2 days on 14 and 15 June at Manchester Central.

How old is too old? A case study in shared decision making

13/06/2023 1:30 pm to 13/06/2023 3:00 pm

EnCOP Logo

Enhanced Care for Older People Webinar Series

Shaping the workforce of tomorrow: Aging and Multiple Long Term Conditions education system

09/06/2023 9:30 am to 09/06/2023 1:00 pm

Newcastle Health Innovation Partners (NHIP) is hosting a symposium on how teaching and training about ageing and multiple long-term conditions (A+MLTCs) will shape our workforce of the future.