Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making (SDM) is about an interaction between a patient and a healthcare professional based upon the clinician’s expertise and the patient’s preferences whereby the correct treatment choice is decided. It is a process involving examination of treatment options, risks and benefits, potential outcomes, patient values, patient goals, patient beliefs and patient preferences. Clinicians need skills to ensure this is a collaborative process and although decision aids and support tools form part of SDM, skills are the foundation of this interaction. Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation (AF) involves various options some of which will suit some patients more than others, and therefore SDM is particularly pertinent in this context. However, SDM skills can be applied to any consultation.

Videos on shared decision making

A series of films have been produced to assist with SDM, the series encompasses:

  • Introduction to SDM
  • Demonstration of the skills needed for good SDM by four different clinicians – 12 minutes
  • Demonstration of four full consultations by a Pharmacist, GP, Specialist Nurse and Consultant Cardiologist – each 10-13 minutes
AF Introduction

AF Micro Skills

AF Consultant Cardiologist

AF General Practitioner

AF Pharmacist

AF Specialist Nurse


NICE Decision Aid –

MAGIC Brief Decision Aid

Keele Decision Support Tool –

Shared Decision Making Top Tips