Wallsend, North Tyneside – Places of Sanctuary

We are working in North Tyneside with a number of partners to implement some pilot projects to test the Healthy Happy Places approach in practice, to explore ways that design and the built environment can better support mental health and wellbeing.

In partnership with:

In response to this, a creative brief was developed with the following theme:

‘Places of Sanctuary – how can our towns create and nurture positive mental health and wellbeing for all?

It was fantastic to work with Mustard Stories Arts CIC and Anxious Minds as part of this commission. The outputs can be seen below.

 Animation video

Zine (pronounced ‘zeen’)

‘a non-commercial, self-published printwork produced in small batches, or online, that is usually devoted to a specialised (sometimes unconventional) subject matter’


The next steps will involve exploring how these outputs can help inform and shape future interventions in the town centre spaces, working in collaboration with the Council and other partners. We look forward to the exploring the possibilities in the next steps!


“Creative, kind-hearted and structured. It was fun and prompted me to use my own creativity (art and writing) more effectively.”

“My experience on the project was amazing. Meeting people and sharing experiences they share of Wallsend.”

“Brilliant. Really enjoyed the experience and you learn new things.”

“I went from being unsure about whether to participate to feeling I and others present had a valuable contribution and our voices were heard.”

“The confidence Mustard Stories has given me is fantastic, I’m using my art and creative writing now to greater effect. I would heartily recommend people to attend your workshops.”

“I used to love going to live productions and visiting places where people’s creations were displayed. The community needs some enjoyable, more social places where people with common interests can get together and share with each other.”

“Reopen the Buddle Arts Centre. Wallsend forum and high street is maybe not the most attractive place and looks ran down. But apparently there is a master plan to make it better! But this is a strange place and the people are strong. Consult the people.”

We hope you enjoy reading, watching and listening!

Special thanks to everyone who took part and is continuing to take part in this project.

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